Visually Appealing Salads

February 17, 2017

Salads are some of the prettiest dishes that people can photograph. Half of the time, I don’t even want to eat the salads. I just want to look at them because they’re so pretty. Obviously, salads usually taste as good as they actually look. The thing is, if you actually do manage to photograph them and share them with the world, you can overturn the weird myth that salads aren’t tasty.

Some of the prettiest salads are fruit salads. Artists have been capturing fruit on camera for centuries now, and there’s a reason for that. Fruit is colorful. It has a lot of different textures. It’s just the sort of subject that can be used to create really beautiful photographs. People really can enjoy the fact that fruit salads are pretty as they are healthy.

I recommend salads that contain dark leafy greens along with some fruit. These are the salads that are going to have the right mix of textures and colors. People who photograph these salads are going to get the right images. The salads are probably going to look great from multiple angles as well. These kinds of salads are really popular today, so you can be sitting in Panera Bread and you’re going to get a salad that has leafy greens and berries, and you can get some great pictures for Instagram just for that.

Of course, salads don’t need to have fruit in order to be pretty. In some cases, salads can look really pretty as long as they have the right mix of fresh vegetables in them. If salads have some vegetables that create a high visual contrast, it can be more than enough for a great photo.

The salads that you don’t want to photograph are the ones that have a lot of mayonnaise, heavy dressing, or otherwise a lot of goo that is going to distort the image. Ambrosia salad, which is a Southern staple, may be really tasty. However, it’s still the sort of salad that just doesn’t look all that great on camera. Even the most artistically presented potato salad is still a potato salad, and people aren’t going to fall in love with its image.

The salads that are pretty are the ones that have a lot of color and texture to them because this makes them look almost like they’re tiny miniature landscapes, and that’s what’s going to really work well for a picture. Salads have an inherently natural look, unlike a lot of the other sides that people are going to use. There are lots of advantages to specifically using salads for the sake of photographs.

Obviously, the salads are going to need to have lots of fresh vegetables or they’re not going to be visually appealing. Even a few brown spots are going to show up on the film. The salads ideally shouldn’t have too much dressing on them unless the dressing is arranged in a visually pleasing grid-like sort of manner. This sort of salad is going to have a much better look to it, and people are encouraged to try to find that balance.

Salads often look really great when they are paired with other visual signatures. For instance, a nice glass of water, a vase, or something of that nature can really give people the visual contrast that they need for a nice shot of a salad. Salads are somewhat busy looking, even if they are usually busy looking in a good way. You want to pair them with some simpler images in order to get a really good picture.

People also have a lot of positive associations with salads. Salads are nutritious. They’re full of life. They’re natural foods. Almost any diet still lets you eat salad. You can really enjoy them no matter what, and there is something satisfying about that. Salads look great in photographs, and people can really take advantage of the fact that their audience members are already going to be really happy about the salads.