Odor Eater

March 13, 2017

I am going to establish right at the outset that I love to cook. I collect recipes and concoct my own to share with others. Food is an art for me that requires a lot of attention to make it tasty and look good. It is one thing to whip up a simple meal but another to create fine dining fare. If you want good results, it takes the right tools and a good amount of time and effort. I don’t want to scare anyone away from joining me in my favorite calling. You see too much easy stuff on the Food network on TV. If you don’t want to be challenged, you can move on. In future blogs, I will encourage readers to do their homework by researching online. You can discover some great dishes that you won’t find in the average cookbook.

While I love the process of preparing food, especially for others, I hate lingering kitchen smells—especially fish. So, what do you do? As for me, I have tried different air fresheners that you can plug in around the house and I have purchased scented candles. The problem is that it creates an artificial environment. These products mask odors, but don’t really make a room smell fresh. You must open a kitchen window immediately to do that. You can dissipate fish smell, or any others, and then close it up in a few hours if it is cold outside or there is too much ambient noise.

The same problem comes with scented candles. You often get a heavy perfumy smell. If they are not scented, they help a little, but not much. Fish can be overpowering. I like them in principles because of the way they change a room’s character at night when the normal lights are dim. I love the way they look as well. So I buy them, but not as odor eaters. What I have discovered is the value of an air purifier designed to remove odors. They come in all shapes, prices, and sizes. You can get a table top version for your kitchen. This device works better than anything else I have tried. It has a safety cover that stays on in case you knock it over. It also has automatic shut off if you let it run for more than a few hours so it won’t make your utility bill skyrocket. It is easy to clean as there is a removable filter. You don’t add water as it works on ion technology. In short, I have solved my odor problem for a modest price.

If you are plagued by odors in the kitchen, do what restaurants do and use an air purifier. Theirs are larger than mine since they must cover a large space. It is an easy fix so you don’t have to stop cooking fish. I have seen them in operation many times in my favorite restaurants. You can buy them in any appliance or hardware store—and of course online. Add this to your arsenal of odor eaters and you will be quite pleased.